"Summer memories and Sunshine

wrapped into delectable salt water taffy, still made the old-fashioned way."

We have been living in Florida for nearly 40 years and, boy, has the landscape changed.  The taffy tote is here to bring back memories of traditional Florida.  Remember the little towns, cracker docks, old wooden docks, and whimsical colors that stood out against the palm trees.  Just like traditional Florida, our taffy making process hasn't changed in 70 years. Take a step back in time.
Look  for our Taffy Trailer around Naples and at the 3rd St Farmers Market


Tropical Flavors, South Florida Memories, & Irresistible Caramels!


Caramels are made fresh in our giant open copper kettle.  They are cooked until just creamy and irresistible.  The 1937 Model K cutter and wrapper individually wraps each piece of caramel in a scrumptious bite size piece. The only problem is. you can't eat just one!


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